10 Best Calendar Templates in Google Sheets 

10 best calendar templates in Google Sheets
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One of the benefits of Google Sheets is the availability of a wide array of templates. This makes it an excellent productivity tool. Aside from its use as a budgeting device for managing your finances, Google Sheets has a great number of templates that can help you manage your time, schedule events on a weekly or monthly basis, and even keep track of the moon cycles. 

Yes, Google Sheets calendar templates make all that possible, creating an easy way to achieve more through ready-made templates. These templates simply need to be copied and edited if necessary to suit your needs. And most of the Google Sheets calendar templates are free. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best calendar templates in Google Sheets. But first, let’s discuss their importance. 

Why use a calendar template?

You might be wondering, why use a Google Sheets calendar template in 2022? Well, because it is hard work creating your calendar totally from scratch. These templates, just like all templates, were built to help you achieve more by doing less. 

Some benefits of using Google Sheet calendar templates include: 

  • Time-saving: All templates have one core purpose—to help you save time and energy in doing otherwise boring stuff. Simply leverage templates to achieve what you need faster. 
  • Error-free: Most templates were meticulously created and are revised over time. Trying to create something new totally from scratch is likely to result in mistakes. For instance, creating a calendar totally from scratch in Google Sheets could mean plotting out each day of a month, including holidays. The chances of including wrong values are high. 
  • Advanced features: We cannot fail to mention the advanced features you would find in good templates. To design those from scratch would definitely be more costly–at least in terms of time. So why not use what others have worked so hard to present to you?

We are going to look at 10 of the best Google Sheets calendar templates in the next section. You can easily copy and use any of them for free. 

We have considered several factors by examining these templates and we arrived at the top ten Google Sheets calendar templates listed here for various factors.

These factors considered include:

  • The intuitiveness of the template;
  • Benefits of using the template;
  • Design and aesthetics.

Top 10 best Calendar Templates in Google sheets. 

Here is our list of calendar templates in Google Sheets you should take a look at:

1. The goodocs.com monthly calendar

This calendar has a unique design that includes beautiful header images and a very simple layout. It is also very customizable as you can style the boxes for dates. It also makes use of a combination of colors that give it a cool look. What’s more, it uses a drop-down menu to present months—this is something you hardly find in other templates. Finally, the template has a section for entering notes.

The Goodocs monthly calendar

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2. Smartsheet Weekly planner

This calendar template takes time planning to another level. Smartsheets weekly planner lets you manage time down to time intervals of minutes. The design is quite simple. It has rows representing each hour in a given day, and columns for every day letting you track the hours for each day of the week easily. 

Smartsheet weekly planner calendar

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3. Google Sheets annual calendar

This is as simple as templates get. The calendar template is Google Sheets’ very own calendar template. Though it includes no fancy features, it does its basic function of helping you keep track of the days of the week. The template has several themes with which you can customize it to look better. 

Google Sheets annual calendar

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4. Phases of the moon calendar 

Interested in celestial bodies? If you want to track the phases of the moon on every given date of any month, then this template is great for you. It uses a pictorial design to showcase the phases of the moon every day and throughout the entire year.

Phases of the moon calendar

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5. Smartsheet Daily planner 

There are also daily calendar templates in Google Sheets that can help you track your schedule every few minutes. This daily planner from Smartsheet is essentially a task planner with cells for planning out your task every 15 minutes. On the right side of the template are columns for listing tasks and taking notes. If you need a detailed task planner then this may be what you need. 

Smartsheet daily planner template

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6. Yearly school calendar

This calendar template stands out among several others because it is unique in both design and purpose. The template has a simple design with months on either side and a space in between for tracking events. It is a great calendar template for students as it takes into account the school year and makes room for listing events.

Yearly school calendar

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7. Weekly content calendar 

Are you a social media manager or content creator? Then this calendar template is ideal for you. The weekly content calendar is a customizable weekly planner that lets you plan and schedule your social media posts for each day every week. The template includes rows for the major social media platforms and columns for different content types you can post in each of them such as videos, pictures, stories, etc.

Weekly content calendar

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8. Employee calendar template

This calendar template is dedicated to businesses. It offers features to help create work schedules, monitor employees’ work hours per day, and track their salary using its columns for rates and hours of work. This template makes it really easy to handle payments and can be a powerful resource management tool if utilized properly. 

Employee calendar template

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9. Content calendar 

As the name suggests the Content Calendar is designed for content creators and managers. With this calendar, you can schedule an article or similar content for a specific time and add details like the publishing date. This content creator’s calendar is simple to use and includes a graphical way to visualize your schedules.  

Content calendar

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10. Budget Calendar

To round off the list is this budget planner. Yes, calendars can serve purposes beyond checking the date, scheduling tasks, and other time management activities; calendars can also be used for budgeting. You can use this template to manage your finances. By logging your budget and expenditure for each month the template generates an annual summary. 

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And there you have it! Our list of the 10 best calendar templates in Google Sheets has come to an end. Hope you found them delightful–and timely.


Most calendar templates in Google Sheets are free to use. They can be vital for time management and other related activities. You can copy any of the great templates that made our list and put it to use. 

Some related questions

Are there calendar templates in Google Sheets?

Yes. There are several calendar templates in Google Sheets. Some of them have unique purposes, the Google Sheets daily calendar templates are designed to track time daily, and there are other templates on a weekly and monthly basis.

How do I make a good calendar in Google sheets?

There are two ways to make a calendar in Google Sheets—starting from a blank sheet and feeling in the numbers and formulas, or (the better approach) copying one of the numerous customizable Google Sheets calendar templates and editing it to fit your needs.

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