Automate Coinranking Data Imports To Google Sheets

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Coinranking is a platform that provides high-quality data about cryptocurrencies such as price history, circulating supplies, trading pairs and several others.

All of this data can be imported into Google Sheets without hassle with Coinranking API using Amigo Data, a Google Sheets extension that automates data imports. Amigo saves you from manually retrieving data; set it up once and let Amigo Data do the job for you.

Below is a snippet of the daily open, high, low and close price of Bitcoin imported to Google Sheets with Coinranking API.

Dailly OHLC of bitcoin

So let us learn how to pull data from Coinranking to Google Sheets and automate Coinranking data imports to Google Sheets.

Automate Coinranking data imports to Google Sheets

Here’s the step-by-step guide to import Coinranking data to Google Sheets.

Install the Amigo Data add-on

Install the Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace to retrieve cryptocurrency data with Coinranking API.

Link to install Amigo

Install Amigo Data to automate Coinranking data imports to Google Sheets

Generate the API key

We’ll be using the Coinranking API on RapidAPI to pull cryptocurrency data to Google Sheets. The API documentation is much easier to use without being any less functional.

Log in to RapidAPI, or sign up if you don’t have an account.

Once you’re logged in, go to the Coinranking API documentation in RapidAPI

Coinranking API in RapidAPI

Choose a subscription plan from the Pricing menu. You can choose the Basic (free) plan and upgrade it later should you need to.

Subscribe to the Coinranking API

Click Endpoints to go back to the Coinranking API documentation and scroll down a bit. You will find your API key under the Header Parameters.


Choose a Coinranking API endpoint

On the left of the Coinranking API documentation is a list of all data endpoints that we can use to retrieve crypto data to Google Sheets.

Types of data available in Coinranking API

Select any of the endpoints. For example, to get a list of all coins with the their market cap and price, and other statistical information, select the Get Coins endpoint under Coins.

Endpoint to fetch coins list

The header parameter consists of the API key and API host. Using the optional parameters we can fine-tune our data imports by specifying the reference currency, time period and so on.

Coinranking API optional parameters

Click the Test Endpoint option to check the results of the requested data.

Testing the API

If everything is working fine we should see a success message along with the results.

The Coinranking API endpoint URL as well as the headers can be found under Code Snippets.

Change the language from (Node.js) Axios to Shell-> cURL from the dropdown menu.

Select the cURL from Shell

Copy the Coinranking API endpoint URL excluding the apostrophes and also note the headers. These will be used to retrieve and import Coinranking data to Google Sheets.

Coinranking API endpoint URL and headers

Import data to Google Sheets

Go back to Google Sheets and launch the Amigo Data extension to import the Coinranking data to Google Sheets.

Launch Amigo to import Coinranking API data to Google Sheets

Select Custom API from the list of sources.

Selecting the source in Amigo Data

Enter the Coinranking API endpoint URL in the API URL field.

Pasting the endpoint

Then expand the Details tab and enter the headers given in the Code Snippets. The headers are:

Header 1
Name: X-RapidAPI-Host
Header 2
Name: X-RapidAPI-Key
Value: your_key (replace this with your key)
Coinranking API headers

Click the PREVIEW button to retrieve the crypto data to import to Google Sheets with Coinranking API.

Preview the crypto data to import to Google Sheets

Flatten and expand the nested datasets and then click IMPORT.

Preview of the Coinranking API data

The cryptocurrency data from Coinranking will be imported into Googe Sheets in a moment. A snippet of the imported data.

A snippet of imported data

You can likewise import other types of data with the Coinranking API. Following are some other examples.

Coin price data

The coin price endpoint gets you the latest price of a particular cryptocurrency. In the required parameter section, you are expected to enter the valid UUID of a cryptocurrency. You can go through the list of cryptocurrencies with their respective UUID.

Coin price endpoint

Coin price history

Coin price history endpoint helps you keep track of prices on all listed assets. It lists prices and their timestamp for the requested time period which is useful for making a chart. By simply specifying the UUID of the cryptocurrency you can access the historical price data. You can also mention the timeperiod of your choice, 24h is the default time period

Coin price history endpoint

Similarly, you can also explore other endpoints. Coinranking API has so much to offer. You can import any kind of currency market data using this interface. To explore more endpoints go through the documentation of Coinranking API.

Automate the Coinranking data import

After importing the data, you can also set a refresh schedule so that the data are updated automatically at regular intervals. By this, you can automate Coinranking data imports to Google Sheets. To learn how to set a refresh schedule, follow this link.

There are several other types of data that you can import into Google Sheets using Amigo Data such as Marketstack data,  Coinmarketcap data, Nasdaq data, and many more. 

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