Connect Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets

Connect Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets
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Connect Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets and get real-time sales, orders and other data from your Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets. You can also pull other data such as listings–current as well as historical–into Google Sheets.

You can do all this with ease using a data connector called Amigo which you can install as an extension in Google Sheets. Using this add-on, we can retrieve data from various sources into Google Sheets. And not only import but auto-update the reports so that fresh data are served to us routinely.

So, let us learn how to connect Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets and load data from Amazon to Google Sheets.

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How to connect Amazon Marketplace to Google Sheets

Install Amigo Add-on

But before you proceed, install the Amigo add-on using one of the methods mentioned below. It will be used in all the subsequent steps.

Get it from the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking the link provided below.

Amigo Data in Google Workspace Marketplace

Amigo installation link

Alternatively, you can get it from within Google Sheets itself.

  • Open a Google Sheets document
  • Go to Extensions→Add-ons→Get add-ons
  • Search for Amigo and install

Once the installation is complete, the Amigo add-on should appear in your Google Sheets Extensions list.

Connect Amazon Marketplace to Amigo

Open Google Sheets and launch Amigo by clicking Extensions→Amigo: Data Exports and Reports→Connect.

Connecting to Amigo

From the list of available sources to connect select Amazon Marketplace.

Source list in Amigo

You’ll be redirected to Amazon Seller Central sign-in page. Enter the account credentials and complete the connection.

Import Amazon Marketplace data to Google Sheets

Launch Amigo from Google Sheets and select the Amazon Marketplace connection created.

The created conection

From the dashboard that appears, select the marketplace from which to retrieve data. And specify the date range and select the type of data to import–orders, sales, listing, etc. Then click the PREVIEW button to see a preview of the data.

Amazon Marketplace dashboard

Give a name to the report and click the IMPORT button.

Preview of the button

A moment later, the spreadsheet will be populated with the requested data from Amazon.

Snippet of the imported data

You can likewise import sales reports, listings reports–open and detailed–in a matter of seconds, literally. What’s more, we can set a refresh schedule to pull the data automatically at regular intervals–hourly, daily, weekly or on certain days–so that we need not spend an additional second importing the data. Click here to set a refresh schedule in Amigo and receive the updated report in your inbox or Slack channel.

With Amigo you can import data from various other sources such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Redshift to name just a few. Creating reports, analysing reports and collaborating with team and clients has never been easier. Try Amigo today. For more information, visit

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