Export Data From Snowflake To Google Sheets

Export Data From Snowflake To Google Sheets
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Quick guide
Export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets with Amigo Data:
1. Install the Amigo Data add-on
2. Connect to Snowflake
3. Select the metrics to export
4. Import to Google Sheets

Snowflake is a cloud-based data-warehousing service that offers cloud-based data storage and analytics services such as data integration, business intelligence, and advanced analytics amongst other things. It is fully cloud-based which makes it highly scalable and easily accessible allowing customers to integrate quickly, load, analyse, and securely share data. These data can be exported from Snowflake to Google Sheets with

However, the convenience of storing data entirely in the cloud comes with certain disadvantages. The custody of your data is wholly on the data-warehousing entity and you may not have much control over it and therefore less freedom with what you can do with it.

If, suppose, you want to export the data from Snowflake to Google Sheets, you cannot do that directly and you probably have to run a script or run some SQL codes, which requires expertise that not many possess, and even if one have the skill it may not be worth the hassle and the time.

Here’s where you can use tools such as Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on to perform the task for you–whether you are a novice who doesn’t have the know-how or just want to save some time. It lets export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets with ease without running scripts or codes.

So, let us learn in this short tutorial how to export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets using Amigo Data.

How to export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets

Getting Started

In order for us to proceed with the tutorial, we’ll need to install the Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on. You can either install it from the Google Workspace Marketplace or from the Google Sheets itself. Get it here.

Install Amigo Data from Google Workspace Marketplace to export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets
Install Amigo Data to export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets

To install it from Google Sheets, open a spreadsheet. Then go to Extensions→Add-ons→Get add-ons. Search for Amigo Data and click Install.

Once the installation and set-up is complete, we can proceed with importing data from Snowflake to Google Sheets.

Connecting Snowflake to Google Sheets

Open a new document on Google Sheets and click Extensions. Here you should see Amigo Data installed. Move your cursor to Amigo Data and click Connect.

Connect Amigo Data to import data from Snowflake to Google Sheets
Launch Amigo Data to export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets

A sidebar will appear on the right of the screen in a moment and you’ll be presented with different database sources to pull data from. Select Snowflake→Import from Tables. Fill in all the details and click Connect.

Connect Snowflake to Amigo Data

Well done! You have successfully connected to your Snowflake database. Let us now export the Snowflake data to Google Sheets.

Exporting data from Snowflake to Google Sheets

Select the data table to export

When you click Import from Tables, a new window will appear titled Create Report where you’ll see different data tables to export. Select the one you want to export to Google Sheets.

Tip: If you have accidentally selected a wrong data table, you can simply click on the title of the data table you’ve selected and it’ll take you back to the Create Report window.

Choose the metrics you want to export

On selecting the data table, you’ll be presented with all the data points that are stored in the database. You can select (or unselect) the ones you want to export (or avoid). If you want all the data exported, check the Select All option.

Filtering and Sorting the data (optional)

You can also filter and sort the data and specify the number of rows before you export them to Google Sheets should you want to.

To do so click the Filter option and specify the parameters. Likewise select ASC if you want to sort the data in ascending order and DEC for descending order, and select the data header that you want to be sorted. Apply as many filters and sorting options as you may wish.

Selecting and filtering the metrics to export

Then specify the number of rows in Limit.

Exporting the data to Google Sheets

Once the above steps have been completed, click IMPORT. The data will be imported to Google Sheets in a moment.

Automate data refreshing and alerts

You can also set a refresh schedule so that the data is updated automatically and periodically–hourly, daily, weekly, or on certain days of the week. Select your preference and click Yes, set the refresh timing. Any changes in your Snowflake database will be automatically reflected in the Google Sheets document without any further input.

Setting a refresh schedule

You can also get the reports sent to your email address or Slack. And you will be alerted whenever an update has been made. And you can immediately see any changes in the data via email or Slack.

Alert on email
Sample of alert via email
Alert on Slack
Alert received on Slack


Amigo Data lets you easily and seamlessly export data from Snowflake to Google Sheets within minutes. It also updates the data automatically and periodically whenever any changes occur in the source data so that you always have accurate, up-to-date data–and lets you stay ahead.

To know more about Amigo Data, visit our website: https:tryamigo.com

For tutorials and blogs on Google Sheets visit our blog: blog.tryamigo.com

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