How to add Header and Footer in Google Sheets | Expert Guide (2022)

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How to add header and footer in Google Sheets

3 Simple Steps to add Header and Footer in Google Sheets

Learn how to add Header and Footer in Google Sheets.


Headers and Footers are the information present at the top and bottom of a page respectively. So when we need some information to be displayed repetitively on all the pages, we can make use of the header and footer in Google Sheets.

Headers and Footers are useful in a spreadsheet to provide quick information of a document in a predictable format.

Unlike Microsoft Excel, which has a direct option to add Headers and Footers, Google Sheets does not offer such an option. However, there is a (roundabout) way it can be done via the Print settings. Now let’s dive straight into how to do that. 

Example Data

My sample data here consists of a list of grocery products along with their prices. I will demonstrate how to add header and footer to this example spreadsheet in this article. 

Example Data for inserting Header and Footer in Google Sheets
Fig 1: Example Data

Step 1: Choose Print option

Click on File -> Print. You can also press Ctrl + P (on Windows) or Cmd + P (on Mac). 

Fig 2: Select Print option

In the Print settings, select the Header and Footer option. 

Fig 3: Select the option of Header and Footer in Google Sheets

The following list of options appears on the screen, 

Fig 4: List of options for Header and Footer in Google Sheets

Once you select any of the available options, the specified header and footer will appear on the spreadsheet page. The figure shown below demonstrates this. 

Fig 5: Headers and Footers inserted
  • In the Print settings, click on Edit custom fields. 
Fig 6: Select Edit Custom Fields option

The following page appears after you click on the above mentioned option. 

Inserting custom header and footer
Fig 6: Insert Custom Headers and Footers

When we click on any of the blanks in this sheet, a list of option appears. We can select any option from this list and insert a custom header and footer of our choice. The screenshot shown below demonstrates this. 

Inserted custom header and footer
Fig 7: Custom Headers and Footers inserted

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