How to Use ChatGPT for Copywriting to Write Effective Copies

How to use ChatGPT for copywriting
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As a copywriter, your goal is to create compelling content that captures the attention of your audience and persuades them to take action. That sounds simple enough–and easy, too. The task itself can be anything but, however. Coming up with fresh and engaging content is a persistent challenge; and the business of recycling is foreclosed to copywriters.

This is where ChatGPT comes in, not to help recycle content but to help create new ones. By using ChatGPT for copywriting, copywriters can tap into the vast corpus of knowledge that ChatGPT has been trained on to generate new ideas, brainstorm headlines and taglines, and create pieces of content that can be edited and refined as needed.

Whether you’re looking to save time on ideation, break through writer’s block, or simply generate fresh ideas, ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for copywriting.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn how to effectively use ChatGPT for copywriting to create compelling, unique and high-converting marketing content.

Ways to use ChatGPT for copywriting

ChatGPT can help copywriters in a number of ways and ease the task of copywriting a great deal. It can help with creating good copywriting content by providing suggestions and guidance on various aspects of the writing process.

Here are some practical examples of using ChatGPT for copywriting to create content that is effective, relevant and not stale.

ChatGPT for researching audience to write more effective content

Start with a basic but important aspect of copywriting: understanding the target audience. Without understanding the audience, even the most creative and captivating content will simply fall on stony grounds and not bear fruits.

To avoid good ideas from going to waste–or more importantly, to avoid wasting time and resources on ideas that won’t work–we need, nay must, know our audience well.

Luckily, we can use ChatGPT to conduct basic audience research to understand what they want, what their pain points are, what their interests and motivations are, and so on and so forth. This can help us write copy that resonates with the readers and speaks directly to their needs.

Using ChatGPT for audience research - ChatGPT for copywriting

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ChatGPT for brainstorming copywriting ideas

ChatGPT can be great for writing but if you’re hesitant to let it write copies for you, then you can use it for brainstorming. It is a great source for drawing inspiration. It can suggest ideas that you can use as starting points or stepping stones.

Chatgpt for brainstorming - ChatGPT for copywriting

It can also help you expand your ideas and suggest ideas similar to yours. This is great when you have some good but murky ideas that you struggle to give concrete shape to. ChatGPT can not only give you ideas in skeletal form but give muscle to your skeletal ideas so that they look more presentable.

Expanding ideas with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for copywriting

Receive feedback and suggestions from ChatGPT

ChatGPT is amazingly good at reading and analysing text. It can not only check grammar consistency but also judge the tone and style of writing. You can leverage this capability of ChatGPT to receive feedback and improve copywriting content.

You can ask ChatGPT to make your copywriting content more persuasive, structure your content better, and use language that connects better with the target audience.

I ask it to give me some feedback on a landing page description for a hypothetical restaurant called “Noharm Burger” and how I can make it more persuasive. It gave me the following.

Feedback from ChatGPT - ChatGPT for copywriting

Pretty trite advice to be sure but a human would give similar suggestions in a lot more time. If you are not content with the suggestions, you can simply let it rewrite the content for you in a tone or style of your choosing.

Modifying style and tone with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for writing

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Let ChatGPT provide effective copywriting examples

The best copywriting ideas need not necessarily be original. There’s no shame in drawing inspiration from other successful examples. There’s literally the word ‘copy’ in copywriting, after all. The object is not so much about being original as creating an impression.

And ChatGPT with its extensive knowledge can provide you with examples of effective copywriting of various kinds and for different niches or industries. You can then use ChatGPT to write copy that is impactful.

Examples of effective taglines - ChatGPT for copywriting

You also ask ChatGPT for examples of viral social media campaigns whose tactics you can incorporate to create campaigns of your own that will go viral, hopefully.

Viral social media posts with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to develop buyer personas

Buyer personas are important if you want to create copywriting content that appeals to your target audience and connects with them on a personal level. If you want to target a specific audience, you must speak their language, think like them and act like them. In other words, we need to use empathy to understand the target audience and consider what they think or feel when they encounter the copywriting content.

And here as well, ChatGPT can be of help. While it may appear ironic to depend on machines to help us empathise,  ChatGPT’s vast knowledge of the human condition makes it a befitting tool to help us understand potential buyers.

Creating buyer personas with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for copywriting

Instead of letting ChatGPT create buyer personas, you can use it to help you craft personas that you think are more representative of the product you are selling.

For example, you can ask about the interests, values, hobbies, professions and other demographic characteristics of a potential buyer.

Finding consumer insights with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for copywriting

You can then ask ChatGPT to create persuasive taglines, product descriptions, or blog ideas based on the demographic characteristics mentioned.

ChatGPT for persuasive taglines

The ways we can use ChatGPT for copywriting to help us write effective and persuasive content are almost limitless. The few mentioned here are simply a primer to help you get started and are not necessarily the most ingenious use of ChatGPT.

As you begin to use and interact with it, you’ll discover more use cases and you’ll also learn how to become better at prompting it to give you better answers. But you’ll realise that its responses are rather banal and formulaic. It is therefore to be used as a companion, especially for brainstorming, and not as a substitute for your own brain or another human’s.

Benefits of using ChatGPT for copywriting

Impressive though it may be, ChatGPT is still fraught with shortcomings. It sometimes gives wildly inaccurate answers in plausible ways, and can easily mislead us unless we’re careful. Its answers should not be taken as authoritative and final; but only as raw material for building content. Copywriting with ChatGPT can be advantageous but it is not wholly reliable.

And it need not be perceived as ominous, here to grab copywriters’ jobs; but only as a tool in the arsenal of copywriters. And in this regard, it offers copywriters several benefits, besides the obvious one–saving time.

  • Increased creativity: Using ChatGPT for copywriting can increase creativity by offering ideas and new angles that we may not have considered, inspiring new creative approaches to copywriting. It can help us widen our ideas by suggesting new ways to look at them and how we sharpen and give shape to them.
  • Improved productivity: We can improve our productivity by using ChatGPT for copywriting. It can generate multiple variations of the same idea, allowing us to test and iterate our copy quickly and efficiently.
  • Content optimisation: ChatGPT can also help copywriters to improve their content for search engines, ensuring that the content is both human and machine friendly while retaining clarity and conciseness.
  • Personalisation of content: We can use ChatGPT for copywriting to create personalised content by providing us with insights about consumer behaviour, preferences and pains. We can use this to create personalised copy that speaks directly to the needs and interests of the target audience.
  • And lastly, but certainly not the least, it is free. We need not pay a penny to use it.

Some other AI copywriting tools

Copywriting with ChatGPT can only go so far. ChatGPT is a good tool for generating ideas and for brainstorming. It is helpful for writing general copies. For writing specific copies, other similar AI tools for copywriting may fit the purpose better.

Here are 5 ChatGPT alternatives for copywriting you can use.

  1. Jasper: It is a very good ChatGPT alternative specially designed to help writing easier and better. It lets you craft various types of content such as social media posts, ad copies, emails, and art among other things with very little input. A downside is that, unlike ChatGPT, it is not free.
  2. Chatsonic: This is a cool writing tool, not quite unlike ChatGPT but with enhanced functionality. The information it has is current unlike ChatGPT which has no knowledge of events after 2021. It has also the capability to generate AI artworks with prompts. It too is not free but has a free version for limited use.
  3. A ChatGPT-powered writing and brainstorming tool. It lets you create specialised copies for various platforms and mediums such as sales copy, ad copy, e-commerce copy and website copy. It requires a subscription but has a free version.
  4. Rytr: Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds. You can use it to expand on an idea, shorten a sentence or paragraph, check for plagiarism, download the content and collaborate with team members, among others.
  5. Copysmith: An AI-enabled writing tool that generates SEO-focused product descriptions that meet the requirements of retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, and eBay.

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