How to Use ChatGPT for Job Search to Boost Your Chance of Landing a Job

How to use ChatGPT fo job search to land your dream job
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ChatGPT has been feared by many as coming for their jobs. That may be true. What’s also true is that it is coming with their jobs; in other words, ChatGPT can help you land a job.

ChatGPT is a great tool for job search and job application. ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge and capabilities mean that we can use it for various aspects of job search. From crafting impressive resumes and personalised cover letters to conducting mock interviews, it makes the job hunting and application process less daunting and can increase the chance of landing a job.

Let us, without further ado, learn how to use ChatGPT for job search: the early bird catches the worm.

Different ways we can use ChatGPT for job search

ChatGPT is a tool, though not a complete package that is meant to be the be-all and end-all of AI. As a tool, it is suitable for plenty of things. Helping us find a perfect job being one–there are no perfect jobs actually; but there are perfect opportunities.

These perfect opportunities ChatGPT can help us make the most of. 

Some of the ways we can use ChatGPT for job search include:

  1. Ask for job search tips
  2. Ask for job boards and websites recommendation
  3. Learn about the latest job trends
  4. Find jobs based on particular skills or interests
  5. Discover skills that employers are looking for
  6. Get advice and tips on how to improve resume
  7. Write compelling and impressive cover letters
  8. Learn about the interview process
  9. Get interview questions
  10. Write thank you emails

Let us now dive deeper and learn more about how we can leverage ChatGPT in job hunting.

Ask ChatGPT for job search tips

Searching for a job can be–in fact, is–a frustrating experience. We try to sell our skills and expertise to the highest bidder. But nobody seems to notice our offer, let alone show an interest. And so we offer ourselves at a discount, this time applying for jobs below our skills and qualifications. But only a couple of recruiters contact us–who may not even be genuine recruiters.

Might we be doing it wrong? Possibly.

Job hunting is not unlike advertising. As with advertising, as job hunting is, a great deal depends on how it’s approached and how it’s presented. To increase the likelihood of being noticed (and hired, hopefully), we need to brush our feathers and decorate our horns.

ChatGPT can perhaps help us. Let us ask if it has any tips for a desperate job hunter.

Give me some tips on how to make myself stand out from other job applicants.

Using ChatGPT for job search - Tips for job search

Or we can ask:

What are some effective ways to search for job openings?

Ask for job boards and websites recommendation

Sometimes the reason we’re not encountering potential employers is because we’re selling ourselves at the wrong marketplaces. But how do we know which are the most suitable or even what? We search on Google, of course; used to.

We can ask ChatGPT for concise and accurate answers. It will give us a list without us having to click dozens of links and skim through multiple pages.

Which job boards or recruiting websites are most popular for data scientists jobs?

Looking up for job websites with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

We can ask follow up questions for more specific information.

Which is best for someone with no experience and has no reference?

Learn about the latest job trends

ChatGPT is a good tool to research trends in the job market and to glean insights into emerging technologies that are shaping the job market. It can be used to find information about the latest job trends in an industry, such as emerging job roles, skills that are in demand, and statistics on the job market.

What are the fastest-growing job sectors in Canada?

Using ChatGPT to find information about job trends

We can also enquire about the trends in a specific industry.

What are the current job trends in nanoscience?

Job trends in an industry - ChatGPT for job search

And we can ask about the future job market scenario.

What job opportunities are likely to emerge in [your industry] in the future?

ChatGPT for future job opportunities - Chatgpt for job search

It is important to remember that for some of these queries, ChatGPT may not be very reliable as it doesn’t have knowledge of the world after 2021. With ChatGPT plugins though, we would be able to get up-to-date information.

Find jobs based on particular skills or interests

We can ChatGPT to find jobs for specific skill sets we possess. Targeting a specific industry or role that matches that aligns with our skills and interests will increase the likelihood of our job application being accepted.

What job opportunities are available for someone with skills in [specific skill]?

Using ChatGPT to find job opportunities - ChatGPT for job search

Or you can ask:

Can you suggest some job options for someone interested in [specific interest]?


What entry-level positions are available in consultancy?

We can then further refine the answer by asking what specific skills are required for a particular role or in demand for a specific industry. So…

Discover skills that employers are looking for

We may possess a specific set of skills but they are often not enough–or so employers think so, anyway. Use ChatGPT to find skills that employers are looking for and what interests are likely to impress them the most. And then develop and hone those skills accordingly.

What skills are most in-demand for [specific job title]?

Using ChatGPT for job search to find skills in demand

Get advice and tips on how to improve resume

ChatGPT can be used in a number of ways to create and polish a resume. Depending on the details of the information we provide it can craft a good-enough resume.

Create a resume for me with the following information:
[Your personal and professional details]

It’ll create a bare-bone resume. You’ll have to refine by giving additional prompts and then polish it yourself.

Add objective and summary information. And format it using markdown.

But that is not the most ingenious use of it. A more practical thing is to ask it to improve existing resumes.

Can you help me improve this resume?
[Paste your resume here]

Improving resume with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

We can ask it to tailor it to a specific role you are applying for by providing the details of the job. Example:

Can you redo the above resume to align better with the job description below?
[Paste job description here]

We can also ask it to write an “About me” section for the resume based on the resume for the role.

Write compelling and impressive cover letters using ChatGPT

Now that we have a nice and polished resume we should be ready to go–yes, should be. But we are not. There’s still the cover letter we have to craft. Job application is indeed a tedious process.

Fortunately, ChatGPT can help us write cover letters and personalise them in a few minutes.

Write a cover letter for a recent graduate in Economics with no internship experience for [position here], but make sure to include that I run my own business and volunteer occasionally for a local charity.

Writing cover letter with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

We can also ask it to create a cover letter for a role by providing details about the job or the job description.

Can you write a cover letter for this role using the job description below?
[Job description]

Better if we provide more information about ourselves so that the cover letter is more personalised and refined.

Get interview questions (and answers)

Interviews differ one from another and the questions asked are often ad hoc and situational, but there are certain things that tend to be repetitive and are pretty standard. We can use ChatGPT to uncover more insights and questions.

Give me a list of questions commonly asked in an interview for a data analyst job.

Getting interview questions with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

We can also provide ChatGPT the job description and ask it to give us potential questions that could be asked. 

And not just questions. It can help us with answers.

Write a job interview response to the question “tell me about yourself” that uses the following points:
[List a few things about your recent career experience or set of skills]

Generating interview answers with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

Learn about the interview process and practice interview

Preparing for an interview can be a daunting and vexing process. Actually giving the interview is a whole different matter. 

But ChatGPT can make it make the task less gruelling. It can help us with practising interviews by acting as an interviewer and thus boosting our confidence.

I want you to act as an interviewer. I will be the candidate and you will ask me the interview questions for the position [role/position]. I want you to only reply as the interviewer. Do not write all the conservation at once. I want you to only do the interview with me. Ask me the questions and wait for my answers. Do not write explanations. Ask me the questions one by one like an interviewer does and wait for my answers.

ChatGPT for mock interview - ChatGPT for job search

Write thank you emails

The ordeal is nearly over. We’re at the end of the tunnel. But there’s one last thing we need to do: thank the interviewer (sincere or not).

We are in luck. ChatGPT is a great tool for writing emails. Ask it to write an email in any tone or style and it’ll do so in less than a minute.

Write an email expressing my gratitude after a job interview.

Writing thank you email with ChatGPT - ChatGPT for job search

There are more ways that we could use ChatGPT for job search to help in our job search and ace job interviews. But these tips should suffice. And they will help you land a job, hopefully.

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