Import Coinbase Data To Google Sheets

How to import Coinbase data to Google Sheets
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Importing data from Coinbase to Google Sheets is pretty straightforward and simple. Here’s how you can import Coinbase data to Google Sheets in a few steps:
Step 1: Install the Amigo Data add-on
Step 2: Choose a Coinbase endpoint
Step 3: Enter the endpoint API URL in Amigo Data
Step 4: Click the IMPORT button. And that’s it!

How to import Coinbase data to Google Sheets – Step-by-step

Let’s see how to connect Coinbase data to Google Sheets in four steps…

Step 1: Install the Amigo Data add-on

Install the Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Click here.

Alternatively, you can get it from Google Sheets itself.

  • Open a new sheet
  • Go to Extensions→Add-ons→Get add-ons
  • Search for Amigo Data and install

Step 2: Choose an endpoint to import Coinbase data to Google Sheets

Go to Coinbase API documentation page and choose an endpoint.

Coinbase API documentation

For this tutorial, we will import public market data from Coinbase. The public endpoints don’t require authentication and key.

The publicly available data can be found in the Data endpoints section.

Click any of the endpoints, example Prices.

Data endpoints to import Coinbase data to Google Sheets

The generic endpoint can be found under HTTP Request.

For the current price, it is as given under:


Here currency-pair denotes the coin and the currency against which the price is to be quoted. For example, to get Bitcoin price in US dollar, we’d use BTC-USD.

So, the updated endpoint will be:


Step 3: Enter the endpoint API URL in Amigo Data

  • Launch Amigo Data from Google Sheets
    Extensions→Amigo Data→Connect
Launching Amigo Data
  • Select Custom API from the list of sources
List of sources in Amigo Data
  • Paste the endpoint in the API URI bar
Amigo Data API URL bar
  • Expand the Details tab and enter the following header:
    Name: Authorization, Value: Bearer abd90df5f27a7b170cd775abf89d632b350b7c1c9d53e08b340cd9832ce52c2c
The header values

Step 4: Import the data to Google Sheets

Having entered the endpoint of the data to import to Google Sheets from Coinbase, all we need to do now is click a few buttons.

  • Click the PREVIEW button and flatten the data if necessary
  • Click IMPORT to import the data to Google Sheets

And that’s how we import Coinbase data to Google Sheets in a few steps–using Amigo Data.

Bitcoin  spot price

Other endpoints

To get the buying price of one Bitcoin (which includes Coinbase fee), we use the following endpoint:


Note: For this endpoint as well as for the rest here except the exchange rates, we’ll need to use the same header.

To get the total price to sell one Bitcoin, the endpoint is


To fetch the historical price of Bitcoin, we use the Spot price endpoint, but with an added parameter.

To get the price of Bitcoin in USD on December 31, 2015, we add the parameter as given below.


Altenatively, we can enter the query in Amigo Data. After entering the endpoint for spot price, expand the Details tab and enter the following as a header:

Name: date, Value: 2015-12-31

For other cryptocurrencies or in another fiat currency, we need only replace BTC and USD with the currencies of our choice.

For example to get the current price of Ethereum in Indian rupee, we’ll use the following endpoint.


We can also use the Coinbase API to get the exchange rate of any currency–crypto or fiat.

For example, to get the exchange rate of the US dollar against all other currencies, we’ll use the following.


This will return the value of the US dollar in all other currencies.

Imported data of exchange rates

We can then easily compare the rates and visualise the data.

Exchange rates of select countries

There are several more data you can import from Coinbase to Google Sheets–public as well private account data such as transactions list, deposits, and withdrawals among others.

Setting refresh schedule

To get the information updated periodically, click the report, toggle on the Refresh Schedule and select the schedule–hourly, daily, weekly or custom days.

Then click Save & Run

Alerts via email or Slack

You can get the report sent to your email or a Slack channel so that you do not even have to open the spreadsheet to keep track of what’s happening.

To set up an alert, click Get Alerts→Add alert data+. Edit the details and click Set Alert.


It’s easy to import Coinbase data to Google Sheets using Amigo Data. You can also import private data from Coinbase to Google Sheets and have all wallet information in one place.

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