Import Hotels Information To Google Sheets

Import hotels information to Google sheets
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In this article, we’ll learn how to import hotels information to Google Sheets–information such as room availability, prices, facilities, policities, and so on from around the world. We’ll be using API to retrieve these data.

We’ll use the Amigo add-on to pull data from into Google Sheets. Whether you’re a travel agent or just an individual looking for information looking for the best hotel deals, Amigo Data is the ideal tool.

With it you can easily check prices and compare them, get reviews for a hotel, and search for hotels and properties in any city or locality. And you get alerted instantly so that you can grab the best deals.

Read on to know to scrape data from and import hotels information to Google Sheets. Following are the steps to import hotels information to Google Sheets.

  1. Install the Amigo Data extension
  2. Get the endpoint URL
  3. Import the data to Google Sheets

How to import hotels information to Google Sheets

Install the Amigo Data extension in Google Sheets

Install the Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking the link given below. We’ll use it to scrape data and import the data to Google Sheets.

Click here to install.

Install Amigo Data to scrape data

Alternatively, you can get it from Google Sheets.

  • Open Google Sheets
  • Go to Extensions→Add-ons→Get add-ons
  • Search for Amigo Data and install it.

Get the endpoint URL

We’ll use a third-party API on RapidAPI to scrape data and import hotel data into Google Sheets.

Sign up or log in to RapidAPI.

Once you’re logged in, go to the Hotels API Documentation page in RapidAPI.

Click on the Subscribe to Test button and subscribe to a plan after which you’ll be able to use the Hotels API and retrieve data from

Subscribing to the Hotels API to scrape data

On subscribing to a plan (the free one included), an API key will be generated, which is used to authenticate API calls to RapidAPI.

Click Endpoints to go back to the Hotels API documentation. On the left is the list of the available endpoints that we can use to scrape specific hotels data from

Select any one, for example /locations/v3/search. This endpoint will return the available hotels in a particular region.

List of available endpoints in Hotels API

The key and the header are filled automatically and the query parameters are also filled with default values. We can change these with values of our choice.

Hotels API parameters

The default parameters will return a list of available hotels in New York from

For demonstration purposes, we’ll modify the parameters. We’ll change to London from New York. The optional parameters will also have to be modified accordingly. They may be either left blank or filled with valid values. The values can be got from the v2/get-meta-data endpoint.

Hotels API custom parameters

Click the Test Endpoint button to check if the parameter values are valid. If it is, the success code will be displayed. Under the Code snippet is the Hotels API endpoint URL for the specified parameters along with the headers.

Change the language to (Shell) cURL from Node.js and copy the endpoint URL. Note also the headers. These will be used to pull data to Google Sheets.

Hotels API endpoint URL and headers

Import the data to Google Sheets

Open Google Sheets and launch Amigo Data to import the data to Google Sheets. To connect to Amigo Data, click Extensions→Amigo Data→Connect.

Launch Amigo Data to import data to Google Sheets

You’ll be presented with a list of sources to connect to. Choose Custom API.

Select Custom API as the source to connect

Enter the Hotels API endpoint URL in the API URL field. Do not include the apostrophes.

Hotels API endpoint URL

Then expand the Details tab and enter the headers.

Hotels API headers

Then add the queries by clicking the “+QUERY” button and then entering the query names and the values. Eg. Name: q, Value: London

Click the PREVIEW button. Flatten and expand the nested datasets and delete the columns that are not required. Then click IMPORT.

The data will be imported into Google Sheets in a moment. Below is a snippet of the imported data.

Snippet of the imported data

You can also get offers information for a specific hotel and other information by following the same procedure as described here. For POST request, change the method from GET to POST and enter the body in the Body(JSON) tab.

Once the data have been imported into Google Sheets, they can be updated automatically at regular intervals–hourly, daily, weekly or on custom days–should you so wish, and get these data sent to your inbox. Click here to learn how set a refresh schedule and set up alerts in Amigo Data.

Visit our blog for to find out about the kinds of data that you can import to Google Sheets and how you can track stock and other financial data from Google Sheets.

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