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Reading Time: 5 minutes is a financial platform and news website. It is one of the best global platforms to access data about market quotes, stocks, futures, options, analysis, commodities, and many more.

In this article, we will learn how to import data to Google Sheets from API using Amigo Data add-on. We can import various kinds of data like commodity prices, energy futures data, and commodity indices among others. Amigo Data gives you the flexibility to update your data automatically, just set it up once and let Amigo do the job for you.

Here’s a sample of real-time commodity futures data imported from to Google Sheets.

Commodity futures data from to Google Sheets

To import data to Google Sheets, we will follow the steps below:

Import data from data to Google Sheets

Here’s the step-by-step guide to import data to Google Sheets.

Install the Amigo Data add-on

Install the Amigo Data Google Sheets add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Click here to install.

Install Amigo Data to import data to Google Sheets

Alternatively, you can get it from Google Sheets.

  • Open a new sheet
  • Go to Extensions→Add-ons→Get add-ons
  • Search for Amigo Data and install

Generate the API key does not have an official API that allows us to retrieve stock data from its website. So we’ll use a third-party API that does that.

Sign up or log in to RapidAPI.

RapidAPI page to sign up

Once you’re logged in, go to the API in RapidAPI. API page on RapidAPI

Choose a subscription plan from the Pricing menu to access the API. We’ll choose the Basic plan–we can always upgrade it should we need to.

Choose a subscription plan to access the API

Click Endpoints to go back to the API documentation. The RapidAPI key is found under the Header Parameters. This is the key that will serve as the key for API.

RapidAPI key

Choose an endpoint

The types of data that we can import from to Google Sheets are listed on the left side of the API documentation.

Data available for imports from to Google Sheets

For this tutorial, let’s import real-time commodity futures prices. So, expand the Commodities heading and select the Real Time Commodity Futures Prices endpoint. This endpoint provides us with the commodity futures price data from all the major regions of the world.

Real-time commodity futures prices endpoint

This endpoint requires no query parameters.

Click the Test Endpoint button to run the query.

Run the API query

The success message indicates that the endpoints are functioning correctly. 

The API is working

The endpoint URL and API headers can be found under Code Snippets. API URL and headers

Note these. We’ll use them to import real-time commodity futures data from to Google Sheets.

Import the data to Google Sheets

Go back to Google Sheets and launch the Amigo Data extension.

Launch Amigo to import data from to Google Sheets

Select Custom API from the list of sources.

Selecting the source in Amigo Data

Enter the API endpoint URL in the API URL field.

Entering the API endpoint URL

Then expand the Details tab and enter the headers in the Code Snippets. Enter the two headers separately.

Name: X-RapidAPI-Host, Value:

Name: X-RapidAPI-Key, Value: your_key

Replace your_key with your RapidAPI key. API headers

Click the PREVIEW button to preview the data.

Then flatten the nested data points and then click IMPORT.

Preview of the data to import from to Google Sheets

The data from will be imported into Google Sheets in a few moments.

Shown below is a snippet of the real-time commodity futures data imported to Google Sheets from

Data imported to Google Sheets from

You can likewise import other types of data from Following are some other examples.

Grains Futures Prices data

Using a Grains Futures Prices endpoint, you can import the futures prices of grains from all the major regions across the globe.

Grains futures prices endpoint in API

Metals Futures Prices data

Using a Metals Futures Prices endpoint, you can import metals futures prices data to the Google Sheets.

Metal futures prices endpoint

Similarly, you can also explore other endpoints. To explore more endpoints go through the documentation.

After importing the data, you can set a refresh schedule so that the data are updated automatically at regular intervals. By this, you can automate importing financial market data to Google Sheets. To learn how to set a refresh schedule, follow this link.

There are several other types of data that you can import into Google Sheets using Amigo Data such as CNBC data, Trading View data, and Coinranking data to name just a few. Visit our blog to find out the kinds of data you can import to Google Sheets.

Some related questions does not provide an API for its quotes. There are however unofficial APIs that we can use extract data from These APIs provide most of the data available on which we can import to Google Sheets using tools like Amigo Data.

We can import several types of data from to Google Sheets. Some of these are candlestick patterns, trending stocks, commodity indices, 30 days historical data, and various futures prices data, to name a few.

This a common error and could be one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You have exceeded your plan limits.
  2. You have incorrectly the endpoint URL.
  3. You have forgotten to enter the headers.
  4. The API or the add-on may not be working.

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