Import Merriam-Webster Data to Google Sheets

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In this article, we will learn how to import Merriam-webster Data to Google Sheets. Merriam-Webster is the oldest dictionary publisher in the United States of America. Besides publishing dictionaries, the American company also publishes reference books.

To import Merriam-Webster data to Google Sheets, we follow the steps below:

  1. Get the API key
  2. Get the API endpoint URL
  3. Install the Amigo Data Add-on
  4. Import the data

How to import Merriam-Webster data to Google Sheets

Follow the steps given below to learn how to import Merriam-Webster Data to Google Sheets.

Step 1: Get the API key

Register for a developer account here to import Merriam-Webster data to Google Sheets.

Fill in all the fields and choose the relevant API key for the data you wish to import to Google Sheets. As an example, we will be choosing the API keys for “Medical Dictionary” and “School Dictionary”.

Creating an account in Merriam-Webster Developer Center

Find the Application URL for the relevant API key here and click “Register”.

Click on the verification link sent to the registered email address. Upon clicking, you will be taken to the developer website of Merriam-Webster and asked to sign in.

Verifying the email address used to create t the account

Once signed in, you will be redirected to the developer center of Merriam-Webster. Navigate to “Your keys” to find the API keys requested while registering previously.

Navigating to the keys owned

The API keys will be visible on your screen as shown below.

List of keys owned

Step 2: Choose the API endpoint 

On clicking the key for medical dictionary, you will be redirected to the website containing the API endpoint URL.

Copy the link under the heading Direct Browser URL. This is the API endpoint URL which will be used to import Merriam-Webster data to Google Sheets using the Amigo Data add–on.

API Ednpoint URL for medical dictionary

Step 3: Get Amigo Data Google Sheets extension

The Amigo Data Add-on is an extension in Google Sheets that allows you to import data from various sources without coding. 

You can either install the extension directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace or follow the steps below:

  1. Open a new google sheet
  2. Click on Extension→ Add-ons→ Get Add-on
  3. Search for “Amigo Data” and install it.

Step 4: Import the data to Google Sheets

Go to the Google Sheet in which you want the data to be pasted. Click on Extensions→Amigo Data→Connect

Accessing the Amigo Data Add-on

Select Custom API from the list of sources

List of sources to connect

Paste the API endpoint URL copied earlier as shown below and click Preview.

Add the API endpoint URL

Continue flattening the data until the data is presented under relevant column headings using the Flatten option. Once done, you can click on Import to get the required format data in the concerned Google Sheet.

Import Merriam-Webster Data to Google Sheets

Once you have clicked on Import, after some time you will observe that your google sheets are filled with the different meanings of “test” available in Merriam-Webster.

Note: To import the meanings of a different word, change the word before the “?” in the endpoint URL before using it in the Amigo Data Add-on.

Important Points

You can find the different API endpoints that you can request when you sign in to the Merriam-Webster Developer Zone here.

Note: The Merriam-Webster API limits to 1000 queries per day per API key, and its use is limited to two reference APIs.

Amigo Data Add-on makes it effortlessly simple to import data from various sources to your Google Sheets. It also allows users to set a refresh schedule that automatically updates the imported data ensuring that the user is provided with the latest data always. Learn how to automatically refresh the imported data and receive emails for the same on your Slack or email by clicking here.

In this article, we have successfully learned how to import Merriam-Webster data to Google Sheets using the Amigo Data Add-on. To expand the sources from which you can import data and perform several operations on them, check out our blog.

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