Import NSE Data To Google Sheets

Import NSE data to Google Sheets
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In this article, we’ll learn how to import NSE data to Google Sheets using Amigo Data, a Google Sheets extension. We’ll be using a third-party data provider called EOD Historical Data. It has data from all major exchanges, including the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and covers most stocks, ETFs, indices, and mutual funds.

We’ll import NSE data in Google Sheets following the steps below:

  1. Install the Amigo Data add-on
  2. Register on EOD Historical Data
  3. Get the data endpoint
  4. Import the data to Google Sheets

How to import NSE data to Google Sheets

Follow the steps below to get NSE data to Google Sheets.

1. Install the Amigo Data

Get the Amigo Data add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Install the Amigo Data addon to import NSE data to Google Sheets

Click here to install.

2. Register on EOD Historical Data and get the API token

Go to and click the Registration button.

Registration button on the homepage of EOD Historical Data

Fill in the details and click Register.

Registering on EOD Historical Data

Upon clicking Register, you’ll be taken to the account’s setting page where the API token can be found.

The API key

Note the API token. We’ll use this to retrieve data from EOD Historical Data and import NSE data to Google Sheets.

3. Get the endpoint of the data to import

Move the pointer to Documentation and select End Of Day API.

Navigating to the documentation of the API

On the left of the screen are listed the available endpoint categories. In the middle is given an example API endpoint URL and mentioned underneath are the different parameters.

Sample URL and parameters

We can modify this URL to get the data of our choice. For example, to retrieve end of day historical data for HDFC Bank from 1 June 2022 to 30 September 2022, the URL will be as given below.

Remember to change the output format from the default CSV to JSON by appending &fmt=json in the URL. And replace YOUR_API_KEY with your API token.

We can get the end of day data for any other listed companies by changing the ticker symbol and the exchange symbol. For example, to import EOD information for Reliance Industries, we’d use the following endpoint URL.

We can also retrieve stock information from the Bombay Stock Exchange. We need only replace the exchange symbol.

The URL endpoint below will fetch the EOD data for Airtel from BSE. We have included the limit parameter to fetch only 100 results.

4. Import the data to Google Sheets

We can now begin to import NSE data from EOD Historical Data to Google Sheets.

Open Amigo Data from Google Sheets.

Connect to Amigo Data from Google Sheets

Select Custom API from the list of sources.

List of sources to connect in Amigo Data

Paste the endpoint in the  API URL field.

Pasting the endpoint URL

Click the PREVIEW button.

Click the FLATTEN button so that the nested data are placed in different columns.

Preview of the data to be imported

Then click the IMPORT button to import the NSE data to Google Sheets.

A snippet of the imported data.

Snippet of the imported data

There are several types of information that can import into Google Sheets such as intraday historical data, real-time stock data, live stock prices, options data and many more. (Most of these however require a subscription.) Visit the API documentation for more details.

You can get these data updated automatically at regular intervals–hourly, daily, weekly, or on certain days–so that you always have the latest information. And you can have this information sent to your email or a Slack channel. Click here to learn how to set a refresh schedule and set up alerts in Amigo Data.

Commonly asked questions

How do I import NSE options data to Google Sheets?

To import options data, navigate to the Options Data API. Then choose the endpoint URL and modify by replacing the default ticker with the stock ticker for which you want to import the options data to Google Sheets and specify the other parameters according to your preference.

For example, to get the options data for Infosys, we can use the endpoint below.

How do I get real-time stock prices in Google Sheets?

To get real-time stock prices to Google Sheets, use the Live (Delayed) Stock Prices API. Specify in the URL the tickers for which you want to get the real-time stock prices and import the data to Google Sheets using Amigo Data. Then set a refresh schedule so that the data is automatically updated at regular intervals.

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