Import Option Chain Data To Google Sheets

Import option chain data to Google Sheets
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In this article, we’ll learn how to import option chain data to Google Sheets. We can import options data from various exchanges with a simple tool called Amigo.

Amigo is a Google Sheets extension that we can use to pull data from scores of sources into Google Sheets. Amigo imports the data to Google Sheets and automatically updates them so that we’re always served with fresh data. And more, it sends us the updated data to our inbox or Slack.

Install Amigo amigos and we’ll walk together through the steps on how to import option chain data to Google Sheets. Get it here.

If you’ve installed the add-on, then importing option chain data to Google Sheets can be achieved in two steps.

Here is a foretaste of what you’d get after you import option chain data to Google Sheets.

Snippet of option chain data imported into Google Sheets
Snippet of Apple option chain data

How to import option chain data to Google Sheets

Step 1: Get the API endpoint URL

We’ll use a data provider called Twelve Data to retrieve the option chain data and import them to Google Sheets with Amigo. The Twelve Data API documentation can be found on its website as well in RapidAPI, an API marketplace. We’ll use the latter as it is simpler but offers all the functionalities.

Sign up or log in to RapidAPI.

Search for Twelve Data from the RapidAPI Hub and click the first option from the results. Or click this link to go directly to the Twelve Data API documentation page.

Twelve Data API in RapidAPI Hub

Click on the Subscribe to Test button and subscribe to a plan of your choice, post which we’ll be able to run the test and import option chain data Google Sheets.

Subscribe to the API to use it to retrieve option chain data to Google Sheets

Click Endpoints to go back to the API Playground. On the left of the page are the available endpoints.

Types of data available for import

Option chain data can be found under the Fundamentals heading. Expand the section and click Options Chain.

Option chain endpoint
Ticker symbol of the stock to retrieve options chain data
Option expiration date
API endpoint URL and headers

Step 2: Import option chain data to Google Sheets

Open Google Sheets and launch Amigo. To connect to Amigo, go to Extensions→Amigo: Data Exports and Reports→Connect.

Launch Amigo to import option data to Google Sheets

If you haven’t yet installed the extension, you can get it from the link below.

Extension installation link

We’ll be presented with a list of sources to connect and import data. Select Custom API.

Select Custom API as the source to connect

Paste the endpoint URL (without the apostrophes) in the API URL field.

Entering the endpoint URL of the option chain data to import to  Google Sheets

Then expand the Details tab and enter the headers. The headers can be found in the Code Snippets. The characters to the left of the colon are the header names and those to the right are the header values. Enter these as separate headers. Do not include the apostrophes.

Name: X-RapidAPI-Host, Value:

Name: X-RapidAPI-Key, Value: YOUR_API_KEY

Entering the headers

Preview of the option chain data to import to Google Sheets

Below is a snippet of the imported data.

Snippet of the option chain data imported into Google Sheets

Once the data have been imported, you need only set a refresh schedule and the data will be updated automatically at regular intervals. And not only that, you can receive the updated data in your inbox and Slack so that the data follow you.
Click here to know more about setting up alerts and automatic refresh schedule in Amigo.

Some commonly asked questions

There could be a few reasons why you’re getting the “No data” error. Some of these are entering invalid ticker symbols or incorrect option expiration date, exceeding the data quota for the subscribed plan or not subscribing to a plan, or the exchange from which you’re trying to retrieve the data is not supported by the API.

You can easily automate the process of updating option chain data to Google Sheets with Amigo. Just set a refresh schedule specifying the time and period, and the data will be automatically updated.

You can get NSE option chain data in Google Sheets like you’d for any other exchanges. Find the ticker symbol of the stock you want to get the option chain data and the expiration date of the option chain. (You can find these on the NSE website.) Then them as parameters and follow the steps mentioned above.

Yes, you can. In fact, Google Sheets is one of the best tools for analyzing data of any sort–be they stock, marketing, or company data. Google Sheets is free, easy to use, flexible, and comes with lots of options for data visualisations that make analysing data easier and more efficient. There are also various templates that we can use for analysing data.

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