Setting Refresh Schedule And Alert In Amigo Data

Setting refresh schedule and alert in Amigo Data
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Amigo Data is a simple but versatile Google Sheets extension that can be used to import data from various sources into Google Sheets where you can do different sorts of things–visualise, analyse, share, etc.

With Amigo Data, importing to Google Sheets is not the end of it; in fact, it’s just the beginning. Amigo Data can automatically update the data and send you alerts to keep you up-to-date–anytime, anywhere.

Setting a refresh schedule

After successfully importing the data, you’ll be presented with an option to set a refresh schedule to update the data at regular intervals.

To get the information updated periodically, select the refresh schedule–hourly, daily, weekly, or on certain days.

Then click Yes, set the refresh timing.

Setting refresh schedule

You can also set the refresh schedule later.

To set a refresh schedule for an old report, follow these steps:

1. Open the spreadsheet containing the data.

2. Launch the Amigo Data extension

3. Click View Reports

view reports

4. Select the report

The reports

5. Click Edit

The edit button

6. Customise the refresh timing

Setting the refresh timing and frequency

7. Switch the toggle button to turn it on.

Switch the toggle

8. Then click Save & Run

Saving the edit

Setting alert

Amigo Data can send you alerts periodically so that you can keep track of the reports without having to the spreadsheet or turn on your computer.

Setting up an alert requires only a few steps.

1. Click Get Alerts

Setting up alert

2. Click Add data alert+

Adding alert button

3. Select the alert type, the data spreadsheet and the time at which to receive the alert.

Setting the time

4. Enter the email address(es) and the Slack channel(s)

Filling the email and Slack channel options

5. Then click Set Alert

Finishing the setting up

The reports will now be updated automatically at regular intervals and the updated reports will be sent to your email and/or Slack. 

You can get the add-on here.

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