How to Share your Google Sheets file as a PDF

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Share Google Sheet File as a PDF

We will see how to share your Google Sheets file as a PDF.

Why share your Google Sheets file as a PDF

Nowadays, many people prefer sharing in PDF format because they’re easy to download, print and transfer. Sometimes people convert their google sheets using third party converters or exporting in pdf.

Get a link to share your File

  • Click on share on the top right
  • In the “Get Link” section, give the correct rights and access 
  • Click on “Copy link”
Getting the URL of the file to share
Figure 1: Getting the URL to share your file

Send your file as a PDF by changing the end of the URL

In the previous section, you saw how to get the link to share your file. To share your file as pdf you need to follow these steps:

  • Get the normal link to share your Sheet file
  • Change the end of the copied URL before sending it. 
  • Before:<doc_id>/edit?usp=sharing

  • After:<doc_id>/export?format=pdf

Benefits of sharing your Google Sheets file as a PDF

  • You don’t need to reshare your PDF if there is any change in the original file, it will automatically be reflected in the PDF when you download it.
  • It saves your email storage and saves attachment space. Also, it can bypass attachment limits.
  • All the versions (PDF and source files) are saved in a single file, you don’t need to save them separately.


We learned how to get the link to share your Google Sheets file. We also saw how to share your Google Sheets file as a PDF.

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