How to group rows in Google Sheets | 2 min easy guide

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In this article, we will learn how to group rows in Google Sheets. We will also have a look at nested grouping of rows in Google Sheets.

How to group rows in Google Sheets
Group rows in Google Sheets

Grouping is when we group some rows or column together to make our sheets neater. We can use it to club together related data because showing too much data at once can make our data overwhelming and working with it tedious and inefficient. Also its helpful to keep our database sorted in a fashion.

How to group rows in Google Sheets

Let’s us consider the following data shown in the image as an example to group rows in Google Sheets.

Sample table to group rows in Google Sheets
Figure 1: Sample Table

The data contain, as you can see, sales data on an organization. There are three teams and each team has two members. For example, Team 1 has Joey and Chandler. Now we would want to group these rows such that, only the sales figures of teams–and not the individual members–are shown which can be expanded to see each team member’s performance.

To group the rows in Google Sheets of the teams, follow the given steps given below.

  • Select the rows that you want to group. Make sure you select the rows and not just the cells.
Selecting rows to group
Figure 2: Selecting rows to group
  • Right click anywhere in the selected rows and hover the cursor to “View more row actions”. Then select “Group rows” to group the selected rows.
Grouping rows together in Google Sheets
Figure 3: Grouping rows together
  • And that should group the rows.
Collapsing and expanding data of the grouped rows in Google Sheets
Figure 4: Collapsing and expanding data
  • Clicking on the “-” sign would collapse it. 
  • Instead of right clicking and selecting the group rows option, you can also use Alt+Shift+Right arrow to group the rows automatically.
  • After all the rows have been grouped, the table looks as show below.
Resultant table of the grouped cells
Figure 5: Resultant table

Nested Grouping of Rows

You can also group already grouped arrays. To do so just expand the grouped array and then select all rows and do the same step as before i.e. use the shortcut or right click and click “Group rows” to create a nested group.

Nested grouping of row in Google Sheets
Figure 6: Nested Grouping of Rows in Google Sheets

You can expand it using the sign. But for large tables with many groups it can be time consuming to expand each of the groups individually. So another way to do it is by right clicking on the side icon and then choosing ”Expand all row groups”.

Expanding all row groups at once
Figure 7: Expanding all rows at once

This should expand all the rows.

How to Group of columns in Google Sheets

Grouping columns in Google Sheets in no more difficult than it is to group rows. The steps to group columns in Google Sheets is the same as for rows. Simply select the columns you want to group. Then right click and select “Group Columns”. Or you can use the shortcut–Alt+Shift+Right Arrow.

The selected columns will be grouped. Click the minus sign (-) to collapse the grouped columns and the plus sign (+) to expand the columns.


We saw how to group rows in Google Sheets so that they can be collapsed or expanded. We also saw how to group rows in Google Sheets in a nested fashion. Apart from this, we also leant how to group columns in Google Sheets. You can read more about grouping in the official documentation here.

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