Import Nobel Prize Data to Google Sheets

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In this article, we will learn how to import Nobel prize data to Google Sheets. So follow the steps below.

  1. Install the Amigo Data Add-on
  2. Choose an endpoint 
  3. Import the Data

How to import Nobel Prize Data to Google Sheets

Let’s see how to collect Nobel Price data to Google Sheets step by step.

Step 1: Install the Amigo Data add-on in Google Sheets

Amigo Data is an extension in Google Sheets that will allow you to easily import Nobel Prize Data to Google Sheets. There are two ways in which we can install the extension.

  1. Install the Amigo Data add-on directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace through the link here.
Installing the Amigo Data Add-on
  1. Or, you can follow the steps below to add it directly to your Google Sheets:
  • In a new sheet, go to Extensions → click on Add-ons → click Get Add-ons
  • In the search bar, enter “Amigo Data”
  • Install the most appropriate result.

Step 2: Choose an endpoint for the data to be imported

Scroll down to find the link containing the API documentation and click on the latest version.

Link to get to the API documentation

From the list, select the data you wish to import to Google Sheets. In our example, we will be importing data about the Laureates of the different Nobel prizes.

Getting the API endpoint URL to import nobel prize data to Google Sheets

Click on “Try it out”.

Click on try it out

Use the Parameters list to filter the data according to your preferences. In our example, we aim to calibrate a list of the 100 most recent laureates, hence we fill in the relevant parameters accordingly.

Specify the parameters

Once the parameters have been inputted, scroll down and click on “Execute”.

Execute the parameters

Copy the highlighted link. This is the API that will be used to import the relevant data.

Step 3: Import the Nobel Prize data to Google Sheets

Go to the sheet in which you want the data to be imported. Click on Extensions → Amigo Data → Connect

Accesing the Amigo Data Add-on

Under the “Select source” window, scroll down to find the “Custom API” option and click on it.

Enter the API link obtained previously as shown below and click on Preview.

Entering the API endpoint URL

Continue flattening the data until only the columns relevant to your research are displayed with clean data in them and then click IMPORT, located in the top right corner.

Importing the data

On clicking import, a few seconds later the list of laureates that satisfies the parameters mentioned above will be displayed on your sheet.

Import Nobel Prize Data to Google Sheets

Note that you can easily edit the existing data in the Amigo Data add-on by choosing the View Reports option instead of selecting the Custom API option again and again. 

To learn how to automatically update the imported data and receive regular alerts for the same click here.

Different ways to add a parameter

Case #1: Using the Amigo Data Add-on

As mentioned previously, under the Details section, one can add more parameters to filter the imported data. For instance, if we were to specify that the list should contain only American laureates, we could do that by executing the following steps.

Step 1: Click on “+Query”.

Adding another parameter to filter the data

Step 2: Enter the query name as “birthCountry” and the value as “USA”. Then, click on “Add Query”.

Specifying the details to filter the data imported

Note that you can find the query name in the parameter list of the API documentation as shown below.

Identifying the query name

Step 3: Click Preview → Flatten the data according to what you wish for it to display and then click on Import. The list displayed next would contain only the top 100 recent American Laureates.

Imported data after filtering

Case #2: Directly adding query into the link

To add another filter to the data, one could have added the query in the API URL directly as well. Remember that queries inserted in a URL are separated by an ampersand (&) and it’s value is preceded by an equals to (=) sign as shown below.

You can follow the steps mentioned previously after you are ready with the link to import the relevant data into your Google Sheets.

Other API endpoints

  • /nobelPrizes

This endpoint will provide you complete information about all Nobel Prizes. The API URL is mentioned below:

  • /nobelprize/ {category} / {year}

This endpoint will allow you to obtain information about those Nobel prizes that fulfil certain criteria. The URL for the same is

  • /laureate / {laureateID}

This endpoint allows users to gather information about a particular laureate on the basis of their unique ID. The API URL is


In order to analyze data, it is necessary to collect data from a reliable source. Using the Amigo add-on, you can easily import data from different sources into your Google Sheets and draw your inferences. 

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