Export Google Ads Data To Google Sheets

Export Google Ads Data To Google Sheets
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Quick Guide
How to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets with Amigo Data:
1. Install Amigo Data from Google Sheet → Extensions
2. Launch Amigo → Choose Google Ads from the list of sources
3. In “Create Report”, choose the desired dimensions and metrics & import
4. With “Refresh Schedule” automatically update your data hourly/daily

Why connect Google Ads to Google Sheets

Google Ads is very helpful to track marketing campaign performance but its interface can sometimes be inconvenient to use for more granular tracking. Analysing data within Google Ads thus is not only a tedious task but also inefficient.

Benefits of connecting Google Ads to Google Sheets
A few reasons to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets

Why use Amigo Data

Amigo Data can automatically pull data from Google Ads to Google Sheets. You can choose which metrics to export, filter metrics and sort the data based on the criteria you want.

Export Google Ads data to Google Sheets with Amigo Data

With Amigo Data, you can
✅ Export data from Google Ads to Google Sheets with no coding
✅ Automate data updates with schedules
✅ Get alerts of your report via email or Slack

Let me walk you through how to use Amigo Data to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets. I’ll use a simple example of setting up a marketing funnel report for us to get started.

Initial Setup

You can get the installation link directly from here

Installing Amig Data and connecting to Google Ads account
Setting up Amigo Data to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets


Export Google Ads data to Google Sheets using Amigo Data

Launch the Amigo Data add-on by going to Extensions→Amigo Data→Connect and select the Google Ads connection that is created.

Selecting Customer Id and Date Range

On the dashboard that appears select

  • The customer
  • The date range for which you want the data (current week, last quarter, etc)

Selecting Dimensions and Metrics to import

Select the dimensions you want to import by typing in the name or scroll through the list and click. And likewise the metrics.

Selecting dimensions and metrics

Note: You should note that some combinations of dimensions and metrics do not work. Each dimension and metric has a scope: user-level, session-level, or hit-level. In most cases, it only makes sense to combine dimensions and metrics that share the same scope. Use this page to check which combinations work.

Adding filter and sort

You can choose to filter and sort your data if you want to.

To add a filter, click Filter and specify the conditions. Likewise for sorting, click Sort, select the metric by which to sort the data and order you want the data to be sorted–ascending or descending.

Importing the data

Once all the parameters have been added, click PREVIEW and verify if the data is as you desire. If all looks good, click  IMPORT.

The data will be imported into Google Sheets in a moment.

Previewing and importing the data

After the data has been imported, you can create graphs, progress bars or tables for better visualization and easy understanding which can help you absorb the critical points at a quick glance.

Setting automatic refresh schedule

Amigo can refresh to report periodically–hourly, daily, weekly or on certain days of your choice–so that you do not have to export the report each time you want to share it with someone or save it to a spreadsheet. To do so, select or customize the time period and click Yes, set the refresh timing.

Get alerted automatically

Amigo can also send you alerts on your email or Slack channel with snapshots of the report so that you don’t even have to open the spreadsheet to keep up to date with the performance of your ad campaign.

To set up alert, click Get Alerts→Add data alert and customise the alert, add the email(s) to which you want the alert sent and/or Slack channel(s). Once done, click Set Alert.

Amigo will send you a snapshot of the report periodically, and you always have the latest information wherever you are.


Whether you want to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets to save time or reduce errors or for better analytics, Amigo Data can help you. With Amigo on your back–or rather, with you on Amigo’s back– you can sit and relax. You won’t need to worry about deadlines, you won’t be burning your midnight candle at the eleventh hour. You’ll always get your data on time, up-to-date accessible from anywhere.

Start your trial. Get it here.

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